Linh and Rocky’s Charitable Programs and Plans for Youth in Hoi An, Vietnam 

 Linh and Rocky have a keen determination to give back to the community and find ways to provide educational opportunities for children of low-income families who   have little or no access to education.

 Over the years, Linh and Rocky have given generously to their community to better the lives of many people in Hoi An and outlying areas. In 2010, they started   their charitable work.


 Ongoing Programs .   

  Each year, one scholarship covering fees for the entire school year has been given to a deserving child. .   

  Two bicycles (essential for transportation) are given to different children every year who show academic promise. . 

  Classes offering free English lessons for youth from disadvantaged families are given five days a week.  .     

  Free English classes are offered five afternoons each week to all staff working at Loc Phat Villa. 

 New Initiatives

 A Social Enterprise Program (SEP) with emphasis on people, planet and profit, is another initiative that Rocky in particular is keen to implement in the near future. This program will initially focus on developing skills to prepare young people to work in the tourism industry, including: interpersonal skills, cooking and cleaning, making crafts, gardening with emphasis on permaculture and growing methods for local foods, music and the arts, as well as creating and hosting local tours such as a river tour or others in the Hoi An area.
By offering SEP -- with hands-on learning situations for young people, an emphasis on innate intelligence, good physical health, positive social attitudes, cooperation with others and building community -- Rocky and Linh are convinced they can make a difference for young people in Hoi An.

 Rocky emphasizes that he believes we all benefit when we realize how important it is that “heart” is first and foremost in everything we do.  He wants the best for his people and is committed to working with Linh to create a learning centre for young people with otherwise limited opportunities

  BACKGROUND- Rocky & Linh 

Linh and Rocky are a husband-and-wife team who are an important part of the Vietnamese tourist industry.  They own Loc Phat Villa and Crystal Restaurant in Hoi An, Vietnam. Linh and Rocky have both worked hard to achieve their success, for which they are deeply grateful. They recognize their good fortune and as a result, they give back to the community.

Rocky (Quoc Ba Vo), comes from a large family with limited resources. Rocky also had to work his way – step by step (as he states it) to having the education and skills he possesses today in the construction thebusiness.

 Linh, growing up in a small fishing village with limited resources, quickly figured out that receiving an education was the key to a more fulfilling life.  From a young age, Linh supported her schooling through many different jobs, primarily in the hospitality industry. Humbly, but with an enthusiastic attitude, she began at the bottom and worked her way up the ladder to become manager for a sophisticated hotel in Vietnam. Linh is now a mother of three, dedicated wife, and highly skilled businesswoman.

 Reasons why these Programs are Necessary 

In recent years, the Vietnamese economy has grown substantially. However, this growth has yet to translate into real economic improvement and educational and social benefits for families living in marginalized rural communities. Although primary education is free to all Vietnamese children, the cost of books, uniforms, transportation, and related expenses make formal education difficult and even impossible for too many families.

 After primary school, families are required to pay a fee to send their children to school. Families are fortunate if they can work to save enough money to educate at least one of their children. The other children stay at home to help out with the work on the farm or fishing. It is crucial to find ways to raise household incomes of financially challenged families in the poor communities outside of the thriving economic areas in Vietnam.

 In order to support job opportunities for these marginalized Vietnamese communities, it is important to find ways to:.   

 help as many children as possible afford to attend school.   

 offer hands-on vocational training.   

 teach young people to speak, read and write English


In Hoi An, the primary economic industry is tourism.This beautiful destination increasingly welcomes new travelers throughout the world. Although the tourist industry is booming in Hoi An, this small city is surrounded by many poor communities and fishing villages. A high percentage of young people growing up in these communities have little access to  education or training that would help them achieve a more prosperous life 


The primary funding for these initiatives comes from the in-kind donation of space and teaching materials offered by Loc Phat Villa in addition to English classes given by a volunteer.

Outside financial and in-kind donations are always graciously welcomed by Linh and Rocky to assist them in managing a highly productive program for all of the participants.

It is intended that a SEP will create income by working with young people to develop and offer Tours like local eco-river tours and arts and crafts tours. Vietnamese Cooking Classes will also be offered through (SEP). 

Plans to create income from the Products of the SEP are on the drawing board. Income will be generated from the product creation of such things as unique Vietnamese holiday sweets, specialized teas and coffees, hand-crafted soaps, puppets, masks, greeting cards, small paintings, art-brooms and mats.

The English programs will be planned, organized and delivered by volunteers. The contribution of focused and hard-working volunteers is essential for the organization to thrive.

 Additional background Notes on English Language Program 

The Loc Phat program for teaching English was born when Linh and Kaylaira began collaborating to provide English lessons for a few children in Hoi An. 

These classes are currently taught by one volunteer teacher from Canada, Kaylaira, who lives in Hoi An. This program will soon invite more volunteers to teach with Kaylaira as the overall coordinator.

Linh and Rocky hope to use online programs such as Workaway, HelpX and Wwoofing, as well as general networking to secure appropriate volunteers.

The English classes are held temporarily at the Loc Phat Villa, however the plan is to start holding classes at Linh and Rocky’s farm on the outskirts of Hoi An before the end of 2017. Additionally, classes will be given directly in small fishing villages outside of Hoi An to allow for greater participation from dis- advantaged youth.

 Arts (music, movement, theatre and visual arts) and ecology (how to care for the planet) are a significant focus of the English language program. 

BACKGROUND of Kaylaira: 

Kaylaira Lea, a Canadian artist and teacher has a life-long interesti in working with young people to help them realize their inner voice and creative potential. A 40-year yoga and meditation practice coincided with her training and work as a visual artist (painting, drawing, printmaking, weaving and sculpture) and as a performingartist (physical theatre, mime and dance). Spiritual shamanic and healing arts training came later in Kaylaira’s life, enhancing her many creative endeavors. Throughout Kaylaira’s life she has had a keen interest in collaborating with others in their journey to greater, sustainable health. She believes that to encourage the creative in all of us isone important key to a more balanced and beautiful life. Working with Linh Nguyen to develop an educational program is a dream come true.

"To server a good meal is to show regerd for your fellow people"
"To server a good meal is to show regerd for your fellow people"